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  • Tell me about this donkey herd!
    Our 14 donkeys are all rescued donkeys that have integrated gradually into the original herd of donkeys that were released from working in the mines in 1901 and turned out to roam the City of Cripple Creek, Colorado. The Two Mile High Club was officially formed in 1931 to care for the donkeys and have done so for more than 90 years! During the winter, they live in the winter pasture, which provides shelter, water tanks, and room to roam. The donkeys are let go into the City from May 15-October 15. You may feed the donkeys “approved treats” which are available for sale from the Two Mile High Club and at various sites throughout the city.
  • Who feeds and cares for the donkeys?
    Volunteer members of the Two Mile High Club care for the donkeys every day, rain or shine, 365 days a year. Members also provide medication as needed and make sure the water tanks, pasture, and barn are clean and safe. The Two Mile High Club stewards the financial responsibility of caring for the donkeys through fundraisers and grant writing. It costs about $2,000 a year per donkey to maintain their welfare.
  • Can I become a member?
    Yes! Memberships are Individual $35, Family $50, and Super $100. Click below to join:
  • Where is the event held?
    This annual three-day celebration is held in Cripple Creek, Colorado, each summer.
  • Is there a charge?
    No. The event is free to the public though certain participating attractions may charge individually.
  • Where do I park?
    Parking and shuttles will be available at designated areas throughout the City. Parking will be marked.
  • Will there be food available?
    Yes! Many food vendors, food trucks, and delicious offerings from the casinos and restaurants downtown will be available throughout the weekend.
  • Can I bring my dog?
    Yes. Well-behaved dogs on leashes are welcome to attend. Friendly reminder: Please pick up after your pet and bring water for your furry friend. The weather may be hot in August. Please be responsible. Hot pavement and puppy paws don't mix. If it's hot, leave your furry friend at home.
  • What time does the event start?
    The Friday night dance starts at 7:00. The parade begins on Saturday morning at 11:00, followed by the Donkey Derby Races at noon. Concerts will play on stage throughout the entire weekend. Vendors and attractions will also be available all weekend. The Community Recreation Center on Bennett Avenue will host the Silent Auction.
  • What else will there be to do?
    So much! Dancing, singing, music, vignette plays by the Butte Theater actors, Period Historic re-enactments by the Victorian Historical Society, a Kids Zone featuring the Salida Circus, Gold Panning with Colorado Gold Prospectors, Big Ballin Entertainment, and more. An Indoor Silent Auction featuring all kinds of artwork and gift certificates from generous donors such as Miller Western Wear and various Restaurants will take place in the City Recreation Center. Vendors and Attractions will line Bennett Avenue. Raffle tickets will be available for $10 to take your chance on winning a life-size, custom-made, professionally hand painted aluminum donkey for your yard, and tickets will also be available for a 50/50 raffle to help fund the concert series. Winners will be drawn on Sunday, August 13, at 1:00 p.m. at the Gazebo on Bennett Avenue.
  • Is there handicapped parking?
    Yes! There will be designated handicapped parking throughout the City, which will be indicated on the map or QR code and street signage.
  • Will there be shuttles available?
    Absolutely! Shuttles will run on regular routes throughout the town, and shuttle stops will be marked
  • Can I buy souvenirs?
    Donkey Derby Merchandise will be available at the County Jail Museum, 136 Bennett Avenue. The Two Mile High Club will sell T-shirts and other wearables along with Donkey-themed gifts; all proceeds go to the care of the Donkeys. Cripple Creek Souvenirs are available at several local shops in Cripple Creek and may be offered, as well, by some of our vendors.
  • Does media need credentialing?
    Press Passes are not needed and will not be required. Press contact: Annie Valades:
  • Do I need a ticket for the concerts?
    No. The concerts are free to the public.
  • Do I need to bring a chair or blanket for the concert?
    That’s a good idea! There will be some available seating, and blankets on the grass are an excellent alternative. You may want to bring your camp chair if you’d like to sit and enjoy the music for a long time.
  • Can I take pictures at the concert?
    Absolutely! And Concert Collectible t-shirts will be for sale. If you’re interested, you may be able to snag an autograph from your favorite performer.
  • What time are the concerts and how long are they?
    The concerts will be held all weekend starting with the street dance on Friday night. Exact times will be posted soon.
  • Will there be Security?
    Yes. The Cripple Creek Police Department and the Teller County Possee will provide Security.
  • Will Medical Assistance be available if I need it?
    Yes. The Cripple Creek Fire Department Paramedics will be available all weekend. The central Fire station is located at 147 East Bennett Avenue and has an ambulance for medical transport.
  • Anything else I should know about coming up to Cripple Creek for DDD?
    Drink lots of water while you’re here. You need more water at higher elevations. Wear sunscreen! Dress in layers if the weather is unseasonably cool.
  • How can I donate?
    Go to and click on whichever “Donate” button you desire.
  • Where does my donation go?
    You can donate directly to “Donkey Derby Days,” the annual celebration festival, or toward the “Health and Welfare of the Donkeys.” This money cares for the donkeys, food, shelter, medical care, and farrier services.
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